Guitarist – Improviser – Composer – Educator – Writer

Music as a process, is a vehicle for thought, philosophy, emotion, and artistic expression/intent. As an outcome, it serves on both macro and micro levels, from superficial to academic, and anywhere in between. My music drifts and explores a variety of genres and techniques, overlapping and mutating, fulfilling my particular aesthetic values within any given moment. I play guitar, compose and improvise, always at the service of the music; sometimes playing a specific role within a simple song form, at other times creating dense, sonic explorations.

My musical vocabulary began developing extensively whilst a student at Monash University in Melbourne where I had the pleasure of studying under Doug DeVries, James Sherlock, Stephen Magnusson, and Ren Walters. My scope now extends from the jazz ensemble, resulting in my travelling throughout Australia, performing anywhere from concert halls, festivals, rock clubs, theatres, the streets, and abandoned houses.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many of my favourite musicians, including David Tolley, Tony Hicks, Stephen Magnusson, Magda Mayas, David Brown, Anita Hustas, Ren Walters, Zeke Ruckman, Reuben Lewis, Jon Heilbron, Scott McConnachie, Mark Shepherd, Matt Hayes, Marc Hannaford, Rachael Comte, and Robert Vincs. I’ve had the pleasure of performing at music festivals such as the international experimental and improvised music festival ‘SoundOut’, new music festival ‘Tilde’, the ‘Brunswick Music Festival’, ‘Nocturnal’ festival, and ‘White Night’ festival in Melbourne. I’ve also composed scores for short films, and designed sound works for the theatre. I hold a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours and a Master of Arts (100% research) from Monash University, I am currently undertaking a multidisciplinary PhD at Monash University bridging the fields of philosophical topography and critical studies in improvisation.