What is Improvisation?

The improvised musical event emerges from, and concludes with, silence – that much we already know. But what happens when the silence stops? What happens when practitioners engage in this activity we call improvisation? Often, we talk around the idea; never quite breaking through to improvisation’s gooey centre. By conducting these interviews, I hope to scrape away at the surface of this ambiguous term, improvisation; and if we can only talk around it, perhaps we can circle ever closer to its core.

*the questions posed in these interviews serve several purposes. Some questions simply provide a background on the interviewee. Other questions present common ideas/assumptions and, hopefully, if I have done my job as an interviewer correctly, invite the interviewee to affirm, challenge, and/or re-think them entirely. And of course, some questions present ideas that I think are in need of deeper inquiry.


19/04/17 – What is Improvisation? #1: Lloyd Honeybrook

03/05/17 – What is Improvisation? #1: Niko Schauble

17/05/17 – What is Improvisation? #1: Reuben Lewis

01/06/17 What is Improvisation? #1: Nick Tsiavos

14/06/17 What is Improvisation? #1: Emily Bennett

03/07/17 What is Improvisation? #1: Clinton Green

12/07/17 What is Improvisation? #1: Nat Grant

27/07/17 What is Improvisation? #1: Mat Blackwell

11/08/17 What is Improvisation? #1: Ren Walters